This is the completely unauthorized and unofficial site for the author Jeffrey Ford. Here you will find links to his work online as well as information to where his other published work can be found. Forgive me if there are stories and stufff missing. It's a work in progress.

This site began as a personal project to find all of Jeffrey Ford's online stories. Then it grew into finding all of his novels, story collections, articles, and interviews. Then it grew and grew... So I decided that maybe it would be cool if I shared all that I found and continue to find. So here it is.

I hope you enjoy your stay.

I've always said that Jeff Ford's not just one of the best genre writers,
but one of the best American fiction writers, period.
—John Picacio, SF Signal

Recent Updates
• (3/23/2011) add review of "The Empire of Ice Cream" from "The Ooh Tray"
• (12/21/2010) update "The Delicate" and "The Beautiful Gelreesh" with new antho "Weird: A Compendium of Dark & Strange Stories" ed. by Jeff & Ann VanderMeer
• (11/4/2010) update "The Drowned Life" added to The Oxford Book of American Short Stories" in 2012
• (10/13/2010) added the new story "Relic" due out in 2011
• (10/4/2010) added the new story "The Summer Palace" due out in 2011
• (9/1/2010) added an interview with Angela Slatter
• (8/15/2010) added the new story "The Last Triangle" due out in 2011
• (7/20/2010) Move Guest Blogger post for "Baby Hand" from Articles to Stories
• (7/20/2010) add "Ambling Along the Aqueduct" book list links into articles section
• (6/13/2010) add link to PodCastle version of "The Dreaming Wind"
• (6/11/2010) add interview from "If You're Just Joining Us" site
• (6/11/2010) add panel discussion on "Cities: Real and Unreal a discussion of Architecture and Fiction"
• (5/17/2010) add new upcoming story "The Sorcerer Minus" in the "The Way of the Wizard" Antholoy
• (5/16/2010) add a link to his new Livejournal blog in the about page
• (5/05/2010) add the SF Signal interview on "Ganesha" from the "The Beastly Bride" anthology
• (5/04/2010) change from "coming soon" to "new!" the stories "Ganesha" and "The Beautiful Gelreesh"
• (3/04/2010) add "The Year's Best Science fiction and Fantasy" edited by Rich Horton to "Daltharee"
• (2/22/2010) add link to "The Dream of Reason" audio recording
• (2/08/2010) add "Last Drink Bird Head"
• (2/08/2010) updated the stories "Creation," "The Manticore Spell," "After Moreau," and "The Empire of Ice Cream"
• (2/08/2010) added the story "The Coral Heart"
• (2/03/2010) added an interview with Jeff VanderMeer from 2005
• (2/02/2010) add the stories "Daddy Long Legs of the Evening," "The Hag's Peak Affair," and "Polka-Dots and Moonbeams"
• (2/01/2010) add a link to the story "On the Road To New Egypt" for the upcoming "Sympathy for the Devil" anthology
• (2/01/2010) add a link to the inteview on Clarkesworld
• (1/27/2010) add a link to the story "The Beautiful Gelreesh" for the upcoming "Running With the Pack" anthology
• (1/27/2010) update the link to the story "Ganesha" for the upcoming "The Beastly Bride" anthology
• (12/28/2009) add Interview with Rick Kleffel from the Agony Column
• (11/18/2009) add Interfictions 2 interview
• (10/02/2009) add nomination of "The Shadow Year" for the 2010 Int'l IMPAC DUBLIN Literary Award
• (10/02/2009) Big Wins!! World Fantasy Awards for "The Drowned Life" and "The Shadow Year"
• (9/15/2009) add the story "Pansolapia" to the new anthology "Digital Domains"
• (9/15/2009) add review from Fantasy Magazine of "Empire of Ice Cream"
• (9/04/2009) changed links for interview from SCIFICTION to the Internet Archive
• (9/04/2009) fix broken link to interview in Fantasy Magazine
• (9/04/2009) update link to "Year's Best Fantasy 9" for Daltharee
• (9/04/2009) change link to Best American Fantasy from SF Signal to the BAF blog
• (9/04/2009) add panel interview with The Agony Column
• (9/04/2009) add the story "The War Between Heaven and Hell Wallpaper"
• (8/25/2009) add The Nebula Awards 2009 Interview
• (8/22/2009) add the publication "Best American Fantasy 3" to the story "Daltharee"
• (8/04/2009) add World Fantasy Nomination to "The Shadow Year" and "The Drowned Life"
• (8/04/2009) add "Ganesha" to the story page
• (8/04/2009) add Fantastic Fiction link in about page
• (7/23/2009) update that "The Shadow Year" is the Winner of the Shirley Jackson Award
• (7/23/2009) fixed broken link to Weird Tales #353
• (7/22/2009) removed duplicate link to review of Shadow Year
• (7/22/2009) added a link to the StarshipSofa podcast of "The Emperor of Ice Cream"
• (7/21/2009) included link Ford's guest blogger page on Electric Velocipede Blog
• (7/21/2009) changed link for "Book of Dreams" to a direct link at Subterranean Press
• (7/21/2009) added book review for "The Drowned Life" from Fantasy Book Critic
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